Best DIY E-Liquid Flavors


E-juice makers around the world are going to have specific requirements as to which flavor they wish to put together. It is difficult to pick the right choice and then source these ingredients from the proper supplier. To ensure this process does not become taxing, it is essential to first pinpoint the best flavors for DIY e-juice and where to get them from. This will make sure those who are treading down this road are going to make appropriate choices rather than hoping they had focused on something else instead. Continue reading “Best DIY E-Liquid Flavors”

A Guide To Sampling The Best Flavors In The World Of Vape Liquid

Vaping can be more than just an alternative to smoking. A lot of dedicated vapers have discovered an amazing world of flavors, equipment, and techniques to explore in the vaping community. When you get enough experienced vapers together, discussions about the ideal vape liquid are likely to break out. If you’re ready to start exploring this vast marketplace yourself, this guide will give you some pointers for picking out great-tasting vape liquids of all kinds. Continue reading “A Guide To Sampling The Best Flavors In The World Of Vape Liquid”

Understanding Vape Liquid For Vapor Clouds

Vaping, or the act of inhaling a water vapor via a personal vaping device or e-cigarette, is one of the newer trends in smoking. While not smoking, vaping gives the user a hit of nicotine but, not tobacco. Vape liquid for vapor clouds comes in many flavors and is rapidly becoming the new trend in smoking. Continue reading “Understanding Vape Liquid For Vapor Clouds”

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Review

When it comes to inexpensive vaporizers, you can’t do any better than Magic Flight Launch Box. The MFLB is known as the least expensive legitimate vaporizer on the market. Even though it might look kind of crude and homemade, and certainly couldn’t be compared to the high-end Pax Vaporizer, there’s a reason why it sold like hotcakes when it came out and continued to be incredibly popular: Continue reading “Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Review”

Smokeless Delite Electronic Cigarette Review


A three-piece design featuring a battery, atomizer (which is separate), and a cartridge is the Smokeless Delight E-Cig. This wonderful little contraption also offers five delectable flavors as well as four separate nicotine levels. I, personally, have enjoyed my overall experience smoking the Smokeless Delite E-Cig. The quality of not only the product but the customer service that comes along with it is very praise worthy. It is shipped from the great state of California, and they offer support on both email and telephone platforms. Continue reading “Smokeless Delite Electronic Cigarette Review”