Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

The Extreme Q Vaporizer is mid-level at home vaporizer with a high-end design and function but a mid-level price. The Extreme Q is commonly the vaporizer people buy when they can’t afford (or don’t want to drop the cash on) the Volcano Vaporizer. There aren’t any other competitors in the mid to high range at home units, its Extreme Q or Volcano, with Volcano being significantly better but also substantially more expensive. Continue reading “Extreme Q Vaporizer Review”

A Guide To Sampling The Best Flavors In The World Of Vape Liquid

Vaping can be more than just an alternative to smoking. A lot of dedicated vapers have discovered an amazing world of flavors, equipment, and techniques to explore in the vaping community. When you get enough experienced vapers together, discussions about the ideal vape liquid are likely to break out. If you’re ready to start exploring this vast marketplace yourself, this guide will give you some pointers for picking out great-tasting vape liquids of all kinds. Continue reading “A Guide To Sampling The Best Flavors In The World Of Vape Liquid”