When it comes to inexpensive vaporizers, you can’t do any better than Magic Flight Launch Box. The MFLB is known as the least expensive legitimate vaporizer on the market. Even though it might look kind of crude and homemade, and certainly couldn’t be compared to the high-end Pax Vaporizer, there’s a reason why it sold like hotcakes when it came out and continued to be incredibly popular:

It’s the most efficient device for the money. It’s simple and easy to use, yet the Magic Flight gives you really impressive vapor quality for its size and price.

All Kinds of People Choose the Magic Flight

Let’s face it, the most important reasons for buying a vaporizer, any vaporizer, are to save money on medicine while getting all the benefits of medicine and for the incredible health benefits. On those counts this simple little device delivers!

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not just people on the cheap who buy the Magic Flight. It wouldn’t be the best seller if they were the only demographic.

A lot of users with plenty of disposable income purchase the Magic Flight Launch Box. They want something small, easy and portable to walk around with, while they leave their expensive home machine where it belongs, at home.

Also, since the MFLB appeared on the scene, it’s been the vaporizer of choice for the occasional user. Someone who partakes only so often does not need to shell out big bucks. The small but effective and affordable Magic Flight suits them fine.

Why the MFLB Rocks

MLB at 2.5” x 1.25” x 0.9”, the Magic Flight is as small and discreet as they come. You can hold it in your hand, or walk around with it, and literally, no one will know, and when it is in your pocket, you can barely tell it’s there.

It also works fast. From lighting up to getting the benefits of vapor is going to be about three seconds. No vaporizer is faster.

People seem to forget how much herb you save when you use a vaporizer versus traditional combustion methods, and the MFLB is no different. It is extremely efficient. All vaporizers are efficient when you compare them to water pipes, clay or porcelain pipes, or roll-your-owns. But the Magic Flight Launch Box is TRULY efficient. Regular users will save so much money on medicine that the cost of the Magic Flight will be easily earned back in a month or so.

I also was blown away by the fact that the manufacturers offer a lifetime replacement warranty. It doesn’t matter why the box fails, or how many years from now it fails, they’ll send you a replacement on request for free. This is a big deal. No other company does that for the lifetime of the unit.

Personally, I love the fact that it’s made of wood. Seems very natural to me and I’m a big fan of the look and the material.

Finally, as I said before, it’s simple to use. It takes 10 seconds to learn how to use it.

Ways It Doesn’t Rock

No doubt, a vaporizer this small and inexpensive is going to have its drawbacks. The battery has two problems. First, you have to recharge it a lot. Far more often than the higher end portables like the Pax Vaporizer. They do give you two rechargeable batteries, plus a recharger that plugs into the wall, but still.

Second, as soon as you put in the battery the Box heats up. So as soon as you’re done, you have to get into the habit of taking the battery out right away, or you will drain the battery.

Besides the battery issues, I have to admit that the fact that it comes in three parts is a bummer, especially when you’re out and about. That’s a lot to carry around, even though the pieces are all small, and it can be a little annoying.

And vapor quality just doesn’t compare with the big units like Pax or Volcano, so you can’t get your hopes up too much about that. Shoot for a nice, solid, healthy vapor, and you’ll get it with the MFLB. Just don’t expect it to compare to the high-end units.

Even So, The Magic Flight Is a “Must”

It’s not just me who says it. You can find people all over the Internet rating and comment on the Magic Flight, and they love it. Whether they buy it for its low price, or because they want a small, portable occasional device, they’re happy with what they get, just as happy as I was when I first got and used my MFLB. I kept my expectations realistic, and they were met.

Best USA Price: $119 at VapeWorld (free discreet shipping + grinder)