Electronic cigarette


A three-piece design featuring a battery, atomizer (which is separate), and a cartridge is the Smokeless Delight E-Cig. This wonderful little contraption also offers five delectable flavors as well as four separate nicotine levels. I, personally, have enjoyed my overall experience smoking the Smokeless Delite E-Cig. The quality of not only the product but the customer service that comes along with it is very praise worthy. It is shipped from the great state of California, and they offer support on both email and telephone platforms.

There are two main features that hit home for me about the Smokeless Delight E-Cig. First and foremost, they had unique flavors. Two of those flavors I am particularly fond of are pineapple and strawberries. With all of the other smokeless electronic cigarette companies I have tried, they have never offered these two flavors. This was a two thumbs up in my book. Along with that, they offer an auto-ship program for new cartridges; best of all that shipping is free! If you happen to sign up for the program, you will receive your selected cartridge each month. This is a fantastic addition to the Smokeless Delight E-Cig overall as I have not seen other companies provide this offer.

With the starter kit, you receive the user’s guide, two batteries, one atomizer, a power cord, a charger, and five non-nicotine cartridges. There is one of each flavor so you can see what you like the most! Unlike some of these electronic cigarettes, the Smokeless Delight E-Cig has a pretty average volume in the way of smoke. Being sure to regularly clean and replace your atomizer will provide you with a pretty decent sized amount! I replace me often as I prefer the volume level of my smoke to be a little higher, and I have no issues at all!

The Smokeless Delight E-Cig is exceptionally easy to use once you understand the workings of it. Assembling the battery, atomizer, and the cartridge is very simple to do; almost completely self-explanatory. Once you have done that you can puff away until your heart’s content. I use my Smokeless Delight E-Cig frequently and have no issues with the amount of puffing I receive from it.

I would highly recommend the Smokeless Delight E-Cig to anybody! It’s perfect, compact, and straightforward to use. Without a doubt, it is the best way to make use of your investment, and you will never think twice about it not being a traditional cigarette!