Vaping, or the act of inhaling a water vapor via a personal vaping device or e-cigarette, is one of the newer trends in smoking. While not smoking, vaping gives the user a hit of nicotine but, not tobacco. Vape liquid for vapor clouds comes in many flavors and is rapidly becoming the new trend in smoking.

The liquid that is inhaled is made up of nicotine as well as propylene glycol as well as solvents and some flavoring. The flavoring itself is made up of food grade flavors. It may be natural, or it may be an artificial flavor. For a discussion on this topic, you may want to check out this forum: best cloud juice.

There are many shops that specialize in vape liquids and the flavors are only limited by the imagination of the juice maker themselves. Specialty shops make their vape liquids in micro batches to ensure quality and freshness as well as a consistent flavor. Some vape shops will also make customized flavors for special customers. These are of course going to be a bit more pricey than other flavors, but if someone is into their special flavor, it may be well worth the price.

Since these vapors are made up more of the flavoring than anything else, they are considered much less dangerous to one’s health than regular cigarettes. Add to that that the user can select from a variety of flavors and you have a recipe for an entirely new trend.

Many people opt for all natural or organic e liquids for their vaping instead of artificial flavors. While health concerns have many concerned about artificial flavorings and colors the all natural ones and the organic ones seem to be doing very well on the market today.

Vaping liquids are made from a variety of methods. Here is a typical method and how the flavors work in them.

A base of vegetable glycerin is used and will comprise up to 90 percent of the liquid. It is made from 100 percent vegetable glycerin, or it may be mixed with the propylene glycol. The ratios for this may vary widely depending on the vape shop that is being used. Each shop will have their special version of the vaping liquid.

These products are safe and are often used in personal care products like your toothpaste. They are all food grade products, so there is no worry that you’re taking in harmful chemicals.

The propylene glycol is frequently used alongside the vegetable glycerin. It is more commonly known as the component that makes a fog machine fog. When it’s put into that context, it doesn’t seem near as toxic or harmful.

The more vegetable glycerin in the vaping liquid, the bigger the clouds will be. However, it’s important to note that the propylene glycol can dry out one’s throat and mouth. A few individuals are allergic to the propylene glycol and may have mild allergic reactions.

For those individuals who are allergic, there are still alternatives for vaping. They can select a product that is 100 percent e juice such as virgin vapor.

The flavoring makes up 10 to 20 percent of the vape. Food grade flavorings are always used. The flavorings are the types that are used in candy making so they are delicious and can offer up a wide array of flavors plus flavors can be mixed for customized versions of vape liquid.

Ironically, the least amount of anything that is in an e-cigarette or vape liquid is the nicotine. The nicotine only makes up 0 percent to 2.4 percent. This is why more and more people are turning to vapor clouds instead of regular cigarettes. They are cutting back on their smoking and improving their health.

Sometimes distilled water is used to dilute the liquid if it is required. So for vape liquid the company is including anywhere from 2 to five ingredients.

The healthiest part about vaping over smoking is that there are over 4000 or more chemicals in a single cigarette compared to the above-mentioned ingredients that are the only 2 to five ingredients in vape liquid.

There are three basic types of vape pens. There is the type that looks for all practical purposes just like a regular cigarette except that it is made of metal. These are readily available in many convenience stores or specialty stores. They seem to be being phased out in favor of the next two options.

There are advanced vape pens that look like a pen, and many will carry on a lanyard around their necks. These are much more readily available, and cartridges can be found for these in all of the stores that will sell vape pens. These cartridges have pre-measured vape liquid in them and can be purchased in a variety of flavors.

Lastly, there are the vape mods. These have a way that the user can dial up or down the flavors and amounts of nicotine that they are receiving when they vape. Users can adjust these to create more or less vapor but be aware that these are perhaps the most pricey of all models and may run up to a hundred dollars or even more for the fancier models. While they have their benefits, the cost may be prohibitive for many average users.

Since vaping doesn’t involve the harmful chemicals that tobacco does, people are more able to smoke in public. With all of the new regulations on smoking, this can be a real bonus for any smoker who simply must have a smoke. Vape liquid for vapor clouds is an ideal way to taper back on smoking and enjoy a new flavor sensation.

Vaping doesn’t mean that a person is sacrificing their smoking, they are just enjoying it in a newfound way that is healthier and more acceptable to the public. As vaping becomes more of a trend vape liquid for vapor clouds becomes more readily available in flavors that everyone enjoys and appreciates.


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