Volcano Vaporizer Review

The effect is amazing.

What I didn’t know, but what I found out right away, was that nothing could beat the strength of the draw that you get from the Volcano’s exclusive balloon-bag attachment. You are limited only by how deep of breath you can take.

The machine takes about 3 minutes to warm up. You just put the medicine into the bowl, attach the balloon, and turn on the fan. The balloon fills up with vapor, which you can fill all the way up or just a little. You can also customize the size of, your aircraft to your needs.

You pop on the mouthpiece, and – boom. After only a few inhales, I realized why they say the Volcano is the vaporizer of choice for people who need high levels of medication to cope with extreme pain. The Volcano packs a hell of a punch, better than any other vaporizer I’ve tried, no contest. The Volcano is worthy of the name.

Two models to choose from:

The one you pick depends on how important it is for you to set the heat correctly. The Classic (the one I use) features a dial with heat calibrated on a scale of 1 to 10. The Digital model lets you choose the exact temperature you prefer.

The Classic is the more popular, probably because it’s virtually identical in every respect and is $130 cheaper. But those who find it essential to select the exact temperature they’re comfortable with are more than happy to pay the extra $130 for the Digital.

Two valves to choose from

I first looked at the “easy valve,” which you must replace but never have to clean. Then I looked at the sturdier-looking “solid valve,” and that’s what I went with. The solid valve needs 2 minutes of cleaning every four weeks or so – no big deal.

My Recommendation: I’d instead go to the slight trouble of cleaning than have to deal with periodic replacements. Both valves cost the same, so I say, go with the reliable valve.

Disadvantages of the Volcano

The machine is the best, easy to use, and very flexible to everyone’s needs, but the big downside is the price. You’re going to pay more for the best, and thus you’re going to pay more for the Volcano. I will say that I have purchased a lot of vaporizers at different price points, and the Volcano is one of only two vaporizers that I use exclusively. That should tell you something.

Biggest Advantages of the Volcano

Vaping, in general, saves you herb but Volcano users explicitly say they use up to 50% less medicine than is needed for other methods, especially water pipes. Storz & Bickel are proud of that and rightly so. The money you expend up front is quickly offset by the higher efficiency of burn.

My Recommendation: Go for it. There isn’t, and will never be, a superior vaporizer on the market. You will use your medicine safely and cleanly, in precisely the amounts and heat you desire. You’ll use less of it, get just as good results, and know that you picked the best. If you are tight on money or don’t feel like spending this much, your next best bet is going to be the Extreme Q Vaporizer. In my opinion, the best vaporizer combo in the world is a Pax Vaporizer for portable and a Volcano for at home.

All Volcano models are backed by a full 3-year warranty. There’s no denying that you’ll be paying a lot more for the Volcano than for any other vaporizer on the market. But when you tote up all the advantages – especially the savings on medicine – I figure it’s worth it.

The Volcano Vaporizer is the undisputed best vaporizer in the world, and it has been for years. Handmade in Germany by Storz & Bickel, this bad boy doesn’t come cheap, starting at over $500, but boy is it worth it. In the Vaporizer World, the Volcano is known as the Rolls Royce of Vaporizers.